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We offer a variety of software development services, all focused on Machine Learning and deep learning

  • Vision

    Object detection, video analysis, scene classification, object recognition. With deep learning it is possible to create technology that tackles these and more

  • Cyber-Security

    Recognize network endpoints by their communication patterns, recognize anomalies, detect suspicious behavior

  • Language and Audio

    New methods of LSTM networks allow advances in audio and natural language processing; enabling better automatic translation, speech to text, sentiment analysis, context understanding and more

  • Design

    Generating images, 3d modeling, knitting models, architecture and construction, all are going through an automation faze with the help of convolutional and generative neural networks

  • Healthcare

    Automatically profiling conditions and treatments based on medical records, advanced image processing for radiology

  • Data analytics

    Using advanced statisctical methods it is possible to create prediction models for sales, inventory cycles and detect repeating behaviour patterns

  • Who
    Are We

    We come from a top unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps, where we've led mission-critical projects. We are passionate about software technology, especially combined with mathematical models to make the impossible possible.

  • Why

    We use our vast experience with software development and Machine Learning to help companies raise POCs, develop new projects from scratch, update and modernize existing products and deliver of mission-critical projects quickly.

  • Different
    Work Modes

    We help meet product launch deadlines, tackle high potential and high risk software projects, can enhance companies' in-house development power and provide consulting for brain storming and decision making.


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